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Ukraine is currently the only country besides Israel where both the president and the prime minister are Jewish.

Netanyahu will also visit a memorial at Babi Yar, where more than 30, Jews were killed in just two days during the Holocaust, and meet with local Jewish community leaders. Zelensky is set to accompany him to the memorial, which will be the first time a Ukrainian president accompanies an Israeli official to the site. Netanyahu will also commemorate the victims of the Holodomor, a man-made famine in the s that killed millions of Ukrainians, and that Kiev has asked Jerusalem to formally recognize as a genocide.

In contrast to this spring film, the documentary sketch by Eduard Tymlin The Kyiv Study is about the city in the fall.

Chapter 3. The OUN, 1929-43

The captured colors of Kyiv accentuated by jazz accompaniment by composer Volodymyr Huba make this film one of the most accurate illustrations of the mood of the city in the s. The palette of the moods of the evening is well complemented by a short comedy film about the capital of Ukraine in the s, Kyiv Smiles , featuring the incomparable duo Shtepsel and Tarapunka.

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This film by Israel Goldstein became the first public testimony of the demolition of the Wall of Remembrance — a series of original monumental bas-reliefs spanning over 2, square meters on Bajkova Hill in Kyiv. Yet the campaign to restore the Wall of Remembrance still has produced no results.

Director: Hryhoriy Kokhan. Screenplay: Hryhoriy Mjestechkin.

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The Ukrainians led them past a number of different places where one after the other they had to remove their luggage, then their coats, shoes and overgarments and also underwear. They also had to leave their valuables in a designated place. There was a special pile for each article of clothing. It all happened very quickly and anyone who hesitated was kicked or pushed by the Ukrainians to keep them moving.

Ukrainian collaboration with Nazi Germany - Wikipedia

Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 26 May Archived from the original on 24 January Evans The Third Reich at War: London: Penguin Books. Ukraine differs from other parts of the Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, whereas the local administrators have formed the Hilfsverwaltung in support of extermination policies in and , and in providing assistance for the deportations to camps in Germany, mainly in and Secret Intelligence and the Holocaust.

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Indiana University Press. Archived from the original on 7 April From the very beginning, German military planners expected large numbers of prisoners.


Four months before the opening of the campaign, the Wehrmacht calculated that it would capture at least 2 to 3 million prisoners — 1 million in the first six weeks. Recruiting and Training Genocidal Soldiers. In Jonathan Frankel ed. Oxford University Press.

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Archived from the original on January 6, JewishGen, Inc. February 13, Retrieved May 7, The village was annihilated by the thugs from the th police battalion which was stationed in a small town of Pleschinitsy and the thugs from the SS battalion "Dirlewanger" which was stationed in Logoisk. To Battle: The Formation and History of the Gallician SS Volunteer Division. Helion and Company Ltd. Pure Soldiers or Bloodthirsty Murderers?

Arrests in Ukraine, March 1972 (24.3)

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Waffen-SS und Ordnungspolizei im Kriegseinsatz Schutzstaffel SS. Sturmbrigade R. Finnish Volunteer Battalion. Collaboration with Axis Powers by country.

Violent video: Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building