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Drive My Car I Need You If I Needed Someone In My Life The Night Before Norwegian Wood Nowhere Man Run For Your Life Tell Me What You See Think For Yourself Ticket To Ride We Can Work It Out The Word What Goes On Yes It Is You Like Me Too Much Doctor Robert And Your Bird Can Sing Eleanor Rigby Good Day Sunshine Here There And Everywhere I Want To Tell You For No One Love You To Paperback Writer Tomorrow Never Knows Yellow Submarine She Said She Said All You Need Is Love I Feel Fine A Day In The Life Fixing A Hole The Fool On The Hill Getting Better Good Morning, Good Morning Hello Goodbye I Am The Warlus Lovely Rita Magical Mystery Tour Penny Lane Strawberry Fields Forever Blue Jay Way Within You Without You Your Mother Should Know For You Blue Across The Universe All Together Now Back In The U.

Cry Baby Cry Dear Prudence Glass Onion Happiness Is A Warm Gun Helter Skelter Good Night Hey Bulldog In , the Beatles went to Rishikesh, India, studied transcendental meditation, and wrote music. These intimate photos are the only record of their time in this sacred retreat. This book is a new way of telling the album's story and is split into two distinct halves: A: The "A-side" is all about the Beatles, the music on the album, the recording process, how the disc was received at the time and how subsequently it has been acknowledged as one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

The Beatles Complete Piano Edition :

B: The "B-side" looks at the state of the world in Internationally acclaimed Beatles expert Steve Turner explores the origins, influences and meanings of the tracks. The ultimate guide to the eclectic styles, techniques and stories behind the universally renowned "The White Album".

Including an in-depth guide to the album and an exploration of the political and social influences, this captures a revolutionary moment in musical history. The Beatles: Life in Pictures Featuring fantastic photographs, some of them taken from rare negatives, along with a detailed narrative telling the story of how four lads from Liverpool became the greatest pop band in the world. Marie Clayton and Tim Hill author.

W14 x H17 x D2. All You Need Is Ears: The inside personal story of the genius who created The Beatles The story of George Martin, the man who spotted the Beatles' talent, who recorded and produced them from the start, and who brought their musical ideas to life.

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In this autobiography, he describes exactly what it was like to work in the studio with the Beatles from the first audition to the wild experimentation of Sgt Pepper and provide his inside look at their creative process, at the play of genius and practical improvisation that gave them their sound; it is an indispensable read for Beatle lovers and anyone interested in the music world. George Martin author. Including never-before-seen photographs and ephemera, a behind-the-scenes look into The Beatles' acclaimed first film In March of , director Richard Lester began shooting A Hard Day's Night, a feature film starring The Beatles.

W25 x H Gabrielle Aplin.

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