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So, the summer time comes in the Southern latitudes of the hemisphere. In the Northern hemisphere is winter. This cycle of transformations during a year is sufficient for making colder or warmer the certain parts of the planet.

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In correspondence of it the season changes gradually and divides the year for four parts. The Earth is represent own peculiarity in the view of some climatic zones which are characterized by the certain climate. This fact is linked with the peculiar physical properties of the surface and the waters in the different corners of the globe. It is the crucial point why on the different continents the season begins not in the same manner according to the astronomic phases.

It happens that on the one continent snow falling could be in winter and raining in summer but on the other it could be absent during a considerable period of time, however, the season of rains would be rigid fixes to the certain season. Equatorial zone is distinguished by the seasons of dryness in spring and autumn and constantly rainy weather in winter and summer.

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Tropical zone is depicted as the zone of dry and hot weather during near a whole days and only once the season of rains shows the heavy precipitation and coldness. Temperate zone West Europe, part of Russia is famous with it dry spring and summer with a few precipitations; frequently rainy autumn and stable snowy winter. In Arctic the same for Antarctic the seasons changes only in the aspect of the gradual shift of the polar day and night. The weather changes are rather unnoticeable and the temperature is constantly below the zero.

The seasonal changes had been seen by Norwegian photographer Eirik Solheim, who combined the shoots inspired from the same place during 40 seconds. The outstanding video dedicated to the changes of the seasons. All the seasonal changes of the weather during a year are shown exactly in the period of 40 seconds.

The author made a photo hear each day during an annual period and the result of it is the integration into original experiment in the short video format which clear demonstrates the weather peculiarities.

Change of Seasons

Drawing conclusion, it is worth to underline again that the summer season begins when the hemisphere where we are habitants is faced to the Sun, so it provokes the raising the temperature up and when in our hemisphere the Sun shines less is winter. Change of Seasons. They emerge from their hollows in the twilight, tiny possums with improbably long and bushy tails and flaps of skin between their forelegs and their hindlegs with which they glide from tree to tree.

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  8. They move quickly through the air—gravity does most of the work, a glide being mostly a fall put on an angle—and they can be gone before you know it, landing on a tree with barely a sound, grey fur bleeding into grey bark. Whole families of sugar-gliders live in a single tree-hollow, and they emerge one after the other to forage alone through the night before returning to the family home. The timing of it, mostly: around Christmas-time 9pm was when all the drama kicked off.

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    A month later it was half an hour earlier than that. The thrill was largely in the chase: finding a family hollow through a process of elimination and deduction; becoming familiar with the habits of that family of six; showing them to friends.

    We take the same route every evening, around the same time, pm when I get home from work. We see a revolving cast of dogs and their owners. I was walking back home in the dusk. The groomed trails are among the first places to turn white when the first snow arrives in October, and they are among the last places to lose snow in June. Snow melts most quickly between May and June, when most of the snow disappears.

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    The spring also brings rain. For most of the year, the water is clear enough that the lake bottom is visible beneath the water near the shore. In the spring, however, dark-colored sediment pours into southern Lake Tahoe from the Upper Truckee River, clouding the view of the lakebed. The lake itself does not show any obvious seasonal change apart from the spring sediment plume.

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    Lake Tahoe is extremely deep meters, or 1, feet , and its surface temperature usually stays between 4. It does not routinely freeze over.

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    Apart from snow cover, the other clear indicator of seasonal change is the lighting. Variations in sunlight drive the seasons, and these changes are notable from image to image. We experience seasons because Earth is tilted In the summer, the hemisphere tilted toward the Sun receives more direct light than the opposite hemisphere, which is experiencing winter. Areas closest to the poles experience the greatest variation in seasons, while those near the equator experience no seasons at all because the angle of sunlight hardly changes throughout the year.

    At about 39 degrees north of the equator, Lake Tahoe sees each of the four seasons.