Its Your Money: What Will You Do With It?

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This will help you to begin to reach your financial goals. Your budget gives you control over your finances and allows you to make financial decisions at the beginning of each month. When you master budgeting , you will be able to reach your financial goals more quickly and avoid debt. If you want to change your financial picture, your budget is your first step to doing that. Often people will create a budget, but fail to follow through on sticking to it or stop after a month. You need to create your budget each month, track your expenses and make changes as needed, so you are always spending less than you earn.

When you make the decisions on how you will spend your money at the beginning of the month, you can decide what priorities are the most important to you and begin to make progress on your goals. Do you know how much money you are paying in interest each month? How much of your monthly budget is being eaten up by student loans , car payments, and credit card bills?

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If you could take all of that money and put it into retirement, it is amazing at how quickly you could save for your retirement and other things that you want. Debt often becomes a burden and limits the choices that you can make. One of the best things you can do with your money is to get out of debt and stay out of debt! Your debt limits your other opportunities. Just think what you could do with the extra money you would have each month if you were completely out of debt.

You may also be able to start your own business or quit a job you hate if you were debt free. Live on a budget. Creating a plan for your money allows you to prioritize your spending. Put your money goals—perhaps getting out of debt or going on a vacation—at the top of your budget after giving and necessities, of course. Saving for a family getaway makes it easier to not spend money on a daily cappuccino run.

10 Reasons Why You Should Save Money (Even When Borrowing is Cheap & Easy)

Actively practice gratitude. Take a moment every day to write down or verbally acknowledge the good in your life. After all, if we can be grateful for what we have, we might just realize how little we really need. Research before you shop. When you have more information, you can make a better decision. Avoid your spending triggers.

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We all have those places or people that make us want to spend a little too much. Maybe you can invite your friend on a hike instead of a mall trip. Find an accountability partner. For married couples, you have a built-in accountability partner in your husband or wife.

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For singles, your accountability partner could be a trusted family member or a responsible friend. They should be willing to discuss your big money goals and be there to talk through big purchase decisions. But those small windows of time can open the door to serious spending that can affect your Baby Step progress.

How to Stop Spending Money

Develop patience. Ever had buying fever? Every day. We mean it. In the real world, you have to keep up with what you spend.

Your Money or Your Life Summary | Your Money or Your Life

This action is key in communicating to your spouse and yourself what money is left to use in all those categories you set up through step one. And that brings us to the next step.

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When you enter an expense, make sure you keep track of how much is left in that category. This is great for accountability and communication. I wanted to sign us up for a couples beatbox class. Remember—we want you to succeed! Plenty of people have and still do stick to a paper budget. The biggest benefit here besides not needing access to technology is that physically writing things down requires an active brain.

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  5. When you get a receipt, you have to hold on to it until you can get it to your budget and write it down. Sometimes receipts are misplaced. Sometimes the cash you spent on a quick trip to the dollar store is forgotten. Any of these communication breakdowns can lead to a busted budget. You can auto draft things like retirement, mortgage and some utilities. You might send checks or make a debit card payment online for other bills.

    But the expenses you pay for in person become cash only. At the start of the month, you put cash in envelopes labeled with budget lines.