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Explosions rock Oktoberfest event in California. Teen barred from homecoming dance for wearing jumpsuit.

Was the Real Lone Ranger a Black Man?

Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, campaign says. Juror gets jail time for missing trial after oversleeping. Remembering pioneering actress Diahann Carroll. Voter to Republican senator: Is extortion okay? Final day of record heat for much of the southeast. Jobs report: Unemployment at year low. Texts between US diplomats and Ukrainians released.

Mom crashes van after asking kids to unbuckle seat belts. Police seize almost 7, pounds of cannabis from a truck. But the company that bought it says it's all legal By Paul P. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Rolling into the East Boise Point of Entry weigh station on January 24, Denis Palamarchuck's tractor-trailer was stopped by an Idaho state trooper to conduct a routine inspection.

The truck's bill of lading listed the goods being hauled as hemp.

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Palamarchuck's Bill of Lading. The officer opened up one of the 31 shipping bags in the rig and, using a Narcotic Identification Kit, tested a sample that came back positive for THC, the mind-altering chemical in marijuana.


A drug-sniffing canine also "demonstrated a positive alert on the cargo," state police said. Palamarchuck was immediately arrested and charged with felony trafficking of marijuana. Court records indicate Palamarchuck spent four days in jail after the arrest. The 31 bags of hemp inside Palamarchuck's tractor-trailer.

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  6. She's bereft but determined not to abandon her duty. Years later, she is called to HK on a dangerous assignment and finds herself face to face with her former lover but not in the way she she'd hoped for. He is now - to her horror - a big league criminal and must be taken down! Now there's a recipe for romantic melodrama and action if ever I saw one but, sadly, the film doesn't capitalise on it.

    It goes without saying that Michelle Yeoh kicks ridiculous levels of ass and Yang is a great character. However, Project S chickens out of giving Yang the kind of story that Ka-Kui would get and we spend more time in the first hour with her floundering male sidekicks Emil Chau and Fan Siu-Wong than we do with her. There are way too many surplus characters and even when Uncle Bill and Ka-Kui in drag! The action is decent enough - with Yeoh delivering a couple of strong fights - but by no means exemplary. Martial arts are mostly overlooked in favour of exhausting gunplay and the stunts are predominantly pyrotechnic.

    The daredevil inventiveness of Jackie Chan's team is sorely missed. Its biggest crime though is how badly it squanders Yeoh's incredible talent. A missed opportunity indeed.

    20 TRUE Absolutely Horrifying Police, EMT & Dispatcher Stories! - (Scary Stories)

    Unrelated except in name to the rest of the series, here Jackie Chan plays Zhong, a no-nonsense mainland cop who goes to meet his daughter Tian Jing at a bizarro nightclub owned by the enigmatic but blatantly dodgy Wu Jiang Ye Liu. It isn't long before Zhong's bopped on the head and wakes to find himself tied to a chair in the midst of a full-scale hostage situation.

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    The club's ultra-tight security system locks everyone in and it's up to Zhong to get the baddies and save his daughter Noticeably darker than the other films, both in its visual style and subject matter, Police Story: Lockdown opens with Chan holding a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger, so you know you're in for a rough ride. Literally the only levity comes in the end-credits outtakes and most of the film involves haunted characters giving each other dead-eyed stares and rambling about their past highlighted in distracting flashbacks, only some of which are 'reliable'.

    The emphasis here is on the drama and, while the three main cast members all give admirable performances, the characters never come to life.

    The City of Vallejo, California, Has a Police Problem—and It's All Being Caught on Camera

    I'm not against the idea of a more claustrophobic, low-key entry in the series but, unfortunately, Lockdown doesn't play true to that. There's some Thai boxing, a car chase and a robbery but nothing that sticks in the mind or really fits the film.

    Chan has a couple of decent fights and flings himself around more than a man his age normally would but this talky Chinese Die Hard is one for, uh, die-hards only This is the level of subtlety things have reached by the fourth official film in the franchise. Ka-Kui's inspired adventure is suitably madcap but the many double-crossings are too convoluted and the characters barely existent. Just as Ka-Kui was developing more of a personality in parts 2 and 3, this sets him back to being a clown who coasts from one calamity to the next, inadvertently saving the day in the process.

    Much of the film is comedic and the violence is toned down to give First Strike a family-friendly vibe. The US cut is missing 20 minutes only some of which is action although even the full HK version is quite tame, with no-one getting shot and the various duffings-up played more for yuks than ouches. However - and it's a big however - the stunt work here is brilliant.

    Almost ostentatiously brilliant, it's so confident, so utterly over-the-top and so far, far in advance of what anyone else was doing at the time or indeed even now. Jackie was working with a huge budget and wasn't afraid to show it. The chase down the icy mountain on snowboards, snowmobiles and helicopters is just staggering.

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    I shrieked when a snowmobile flew inches over Jackie's head and, seconds later, shrieked again when he leapt off a helicopter just before it blew up. And this was just in the first third of the movie. It keeps building and building, leading to a frenetic final 20 minutes involving an actual shark, some underwater brawling and a whole bunch of other craziness I won't spoil. It's pretty much one "WOAH!

    Multiple stuntgasms. So yeah. It's hard not to enjoy First Strike , despite its shortcomings, because Jackie Chan's just so damn good at what he does and few films show it off more outrageously and with such flair.

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    Police Story blew me away as a kid when I first saw it but, as an adult, I can see that - while its ability to astonish remains intact - it is quite rough around the edges. Granted, this rawness gives it a certain charm, and nothing in the franchise comes close for brute force and enthusiasm, but Police Story does have its flaws. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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