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How do you think that will be received? When would we see results?

The Simple Approach to Mindset, Motivation & Action

Why is that the best solution? This process allows the employees to take ownership of their ideas and think through the outcomes. One of the most overlooked competencies of the professionally trained coach is the ability to stay intensely focused on the other person and not letting your brain slip back into thinking about yourself. As a manager, you can practice this skill by simply being quiet and letting your associate talk without agenda or interruption.

Want Your Team To Adopt A Growth Mindset? Here's How To Start With Yourself

Resist filling an awkward silence -- that's where the gold is. Great leaders educate themselves on the strengths and weaknesses of their teams. This knowledge becomes the power you need to strategically align your team in a way that fills in the gaps. Then you can empower them to take ownership and solve problems under your guidance, focused on working together as a high performing team that is solution-oriented.

People do what people see.

Your actions determine your team's priorities and your credibility will suffer if your actions and expectations do not match. In order to lead your team effectively, you must become the example.

How Positive Thinking Can Help You

As a coach, it is my priority to ensure the success of each client, so I am constantly thinking about the best way to make that happen. My success is based on their success. Effective managers should take the same approach with each one of their employees.

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Hold daily five-minute check-ins with your team. What are you learning about yourself?

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Finally, what can I do to set you up for success? Some managers believe in a lot of "sit-down" or in-office meetings. I have a different approach.

When I coach someone, especially in a corporate environment, I always plan something active: a hike, a walk, running errands or something where both you and the employee are moving. Movement takes away agitation and creates a less tense environment, which allows a better flow of conversation. Find out if you qualify at forbescoachesc Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Actions and Detail Panel

Imagine your business and your life! Because when you leave all your mindset gremlins and doubt at the door, you become a whole new person. One who believes in her dreams and trusts her abilities.

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  • One who takes action, gets out of her comfort zone and goes after what she wants. One who shows up as her most confident , awesome self.

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    • This is a supportive space of like-minded ladies on a mission. Ready to upgrade your business and create the life you truly want? I work with a limited number of coaching clients each month and through The Proactive Pants Mastermind.

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      If you wanna uplevel your life and banish self-sabotage, apply for your spot today! Want to learn to wear your positive pants daily?

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      You started a business to have more freedom. To do what you love. To spend more time with your loved ones. To have time to take care of you and do more of what lights you up and to help other people. And somehow you feel less free than when you started. No fluff. Just simple, straightforward tried and tested strategies to set you up for the success of your dreams.

      Fran has pulled me from the depths of overwhelm, procrastination and every other mindset gremlin available in just a few weeks. Fran is the Real Deal; no cookie-cutter coaching here. If you want to learn more about my story click HERE. We're not around right now.