From Single Market to Economic Union: Essays in Memory of John A. Usher

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But interestingly, and more germane to the narrative of European integration, even when successful it sows the seeds of its own collapse. At one level, the collapse is inevitable, part of the very phenomenology of the 'messianic' project. Reality is always more complicated, challenging, banal and ultimately less satisfying than the dream which preceded it. The result is not only absence of mobilisation and legitimation, but actual rancor. European legitimacy discourse typically employs two principal concepts: input process legitimacy and output result legitimacy.

But a third concept, political messianism, is central to the legitimation of Europe, though less commonly explored. In the current European circumstance, however, each of these three concepts is inoperable. Any solution to the crisis of Europe will have to draw upon the deep legitimacy resources of the national communities, the member states. An essay is presented on the legal and political culture of European integration. The author suggests that the European Union EU should be troubled by the lack of attention it has provided to the issues of representation and accountability.

Further, he points out that the democratic deficit cannot be treated by simply providing more powers to the European Parliament. Since the death of Jesus has, in the eyes of his believers, a deeply meaningful significance, desired by God, it obviates part of the moral dilemma about the fate of the prophet in Deuteronomy Most of this paper deals with this issue. We agree with this interpretation of Article XVI by the Appellate Body but are critical of its hermeneutics, suffering from a textual fetish and a policy phobia.

Some other elements in the decision are also examined critically. Rom DMV.

The motherhood penalty: the contribution of Europe

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Brill Nijhoff. Part 5. Perspectives from intellectual property, Labour, competition and corporate law. A private right conferred directly by EU trade mark law.

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