Essay - Loss and Separation in Carol Ann Duffys Poetry. (Thats The Essay.)

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Essay Topic: Anthology. With the title Mean Time in its self referring to time in an ambiguous ways, like Greenwhich mean time, or time associated with angry emotions. The most common interpretation being that the characters represented in many of Mean Times poems as in between two states, past and present.

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The characters are trapped, escaping, or reminiscing about past times retrospectively from a present time. Much of there past is what is now influencing there present situation or state of mind and Duffy accentuates this factor by being explicit and drawing attention to language that would draw a conclusion to that notion.

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This competitive tone, the sense of a hierarchy, is an important element in the poem. The constant music references mentioned within the poem to past artists and songs reflects the rich memories that are illustrated to the reader, by appealing to more senses, the eyes and hears. We see the nostalgia form as he describes his family and current situation in the last stanza previously discussed.

This poem establishes how the past and present are interconnectivly dependant on each other. This is explained as, without a past of experience and events that shape u as a person there can be no present effects. This notion is also reversed in that without a present the past would never be expressed fully either emotionally or physically with no results or effects seen from past causes. The poem title explicitly provides the reader with exactly what the context of the poem is. The reasons for this is possibly to engage the reader into how is Duffy going to describe the feelings of suicide appealing to our macabre sides of personality.

It is commonly thought that language fails to describe many feelings especially that of suicide. Marketing Mix: Pricing. The Beginning of Marketing.

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Organizational Development. Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior. Essays Plag Checker Hire Writer. Share this Post! Related post. James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy are both contemporary poets. This essay compares how the two poets present the pain of love in their poems, exploring things such as imagery, vocabulary and form and structure. One way in which the poets present their ideas about the pain of love.

The poem 'Valentine' was written is the twentieth century and in it the speaker uses onion as a metaphor to show her love. The poem 'To His Coy Mistress' was written in the seventeenth century and is about the poet trying to persuade his Mistress to sleep with him. It seems as if she is drawing on personal experiences.

Carol Ann Duffy Poems

The general tone of the poem appears to be one of bitterness and resentment. Both Shakespeare and Duffy manipulate.

enter site Metaphysical poets use a lot of elaborate and extended comparisons. They wrote energetic and vigorous poems that went against the common literature of the time. There are three stanzas in the poem; all 9 lines each, making it a regular stanza and rhyming form.

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Each stanza consists of three rhyming couplets and one rhyming triplet.