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I wish we had more from him. I loved the immediacy of his style. It only took a couple of sentences and you were slammed into the story, no holds barred. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Simple musings from a simple reader. Life seen through the Eyes of Madness.

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Not taking review requests at this time, my apologies. Skip to content Richard Laymon Kills. I loved each and everyone of these books, especially the latter two. Laymon has flashed his brilliance again and again. A lot of us love him. Like this: Like Loading This is a unique approach to the Qliphothic Qabalah, which you will not find anywhere else in this depth and with so much detail. I'm pleased to see that our new publishing house is doing fine so far! We're already looking for authors for the next year, so check out our submission guidelines!

Our releases so far! If you'd like to work with us in , you're welcome to send us your manuscript! Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Plus tard. More information, including the preorder link, will follow soon!

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Find her books, consultations, and ritual for hire here. Dla wszystkich zainteresowanych uczestnictwem w tegorocznej konferencji Lashtal Press! Na konferencji opowie nam o obliczach Lucyfera w tradycji grymuarycznej. New Sabbatica is coming up soon! Edgar Kerval est avec Gary Johannes-Rosenberg et 13 autres personnes. Please Share SABBATICA -Oracles of the Dead- pre order … Sabbatica emerges as a convocation of a series of massive volumes, conjoined in arcane gnosis in order to evoke the death current, that lead us to sacred knowlege pouring forth from secret vessels of necrosophic mysteries.

Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews. As an Elemental Witch in the Big Easy and owner of a wolf Familiar as well as the head of a former Faerie Queen, curious is as quiet as it gets for Sam. Skylar loves Erin. Erin loves Skylar, only as a friend. Because Erin loves men. Frustrated with her feelings and the impossible situation she finds herself in, Skylar seeks out a local witch for advice.

The witch gives her a spell, with a warning, Bodies are showing up with their flesh burned to a crisp—but only the skin. Clothing, muscle, bone remain untouched. When the number of these bodies increases in the city of New Orleans, Lt. Crwys Holliard suspects the murderer isn't part of the Ma Amelia Frost never knew her father, except as a concept of myth and legend.

Until Nature shows up, ready with with a proposition.

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As Scylla watches the Ethereals fall from the sky when the Seraphim Throne is purged, he feels his twin sister's agony. He discovers Charybdis was burned and left for dead but he doesn't have a name. He vows vengeance against the one who burned her. When Arthur is approached by a stranger to use his investigative prowess to find his brother, the humble physician on Wimple Street cannot refuse.

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But can he abide by the use of forbidden Arcane Magic while fighting against a foe as old as time its When her grandmother dies, Marlene feels the only light in her life is extinguished. The victim of abusive parents, Marlene runs away that night and meets Elijah, a boy singing in the graveyard. No parents, no job, no responsibilities, Elijah has the In , Detective Steve Ducette is handed an open and shut case of rape and revenge. But Ducette decides to disregard his superior's command to close the file, what he finds teaches him not all cases are black and white After losing her power to the Wraith, Rhonda Orly works hard picking up the pieces of her life.

She leaves the Society, buys a house, finds a new job, and turns her attention toward her future and away from the Planes that dominated her life. When a human is kidnapped from the mundane world and brought into the realm of Elfhaim, Finder Mairen sets out out to find him and return him to his home.

But will she succeed when she finds herself pitted against the King and Queen of the Seelie Cou Daniel Grant's heroic act to prevent a mugging changes the course of his life. When he learns the attack on the victim wasn't a random one, but part of a deeper plot against her, Daniel finds himself pitted against time, money, and the afterlife Some of us allow our past to create our future.

We learn lessons—some we carry with us—and some we fight to forget. Sometimes those who shared in those memories believe they can erase the past. Yet a simple case of missing persons becomes a race to find a magical instrument capable of finding Witches, in hopes i When Carly Piper saves the life of High School football player, Brandon Fleetwood, her year of independence takes a more romantic turn.

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  • There's no room in her life for real lo When a series of bodies drained of blood appear in the Historic Squares of Savannah, Georgia, Guardian Dags McConnell suspects the killer is slightly…other worldly. Like…a pack of zombies. But will Dags succeed in stopping the murders when he fin Shot on the job, former Homicide Detective Devan McNally lives with a bullet in his brain and unpredictable blackouts.

    After his forced hiatus from the Atlanta Police Department, Devan turns to photography as a means to make the bills. But when his pi Sam's drive through the Southern town of Macon, GA reveals a centuries old battle between the descendants of a monster and their desire for the future. Will her arrival bring the answer they've been search for, or will their needs bring about her own Darren "Dags" McConnell wants to recover the memories of his childhood.

    Memories that could hold the key to what happened in a fire that took his mother and left him buried inside a tree.

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    When conventional means of memory recovery prove useless, Dags We linger when our lives disappoint us. Babs had never known love when she lived. Even her death had been a lonely one. But now Hadden has entered her life when he bought her house, and together they form a unique relationship between the living, and The day before Oliver's first birthday, his father reportedly went mad from his use of magic and murdered the guards of his closest ally, King Alastair Murray.

    The war that followed wiped out Oliver's homeland, enslaved Mages across the four remainin Rules guide life as well as games. Yet players feel safe when picking and choosing rules because life doesn't apply to a game. But what if they did? What if the choices made outside of the game had real consequences?

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    For Kevin, playing by the rules i He's also sticking his nose where others believe it doesn't belong. Sometimes it's easier to hide the body in plain sight, rather than bury it somewhere else His future looks bright and promising. But when an unprecedented heat wave turns December into the hottest month on record, a vic Was it war or friendship at first sight?