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The one falling in, would fall in, the ones observing would never see you fall in, only frozen at the event horizon. Of course you would never know it. I believe that is wrong. From the point of view of the one falling in you would never reach the even horizon. Bon voyage. You would never be able to find a stick long enough I am Yes, that is what I said, I think, your watch would run at normal speed to you, but to the observers, would slow down and stop.

It is in my blog. From the point of view to the one going into the black hole, at least everything that your body comprised of would go in. The long stick would elongate into a thin strand and if you where holding it you would be going along with it, also into a fine thin strand also. Should note that "your watch" would only run slower to some one outside the whole.

To you time never stops going by at your speed. Im pretty sure you can never reach the singularity. I think from your own point of view you can never reach the event horizon. Some bodies in space have the mass and density to be a black whole but we cannot confirm the existence of a black whole.. Two particles appear in a vacuum for reasons I do not understand. One a anti-particle. If one particle happens to cross the even horizon it will fall in If the anti-particle falls in, the particle will annihilation a normal particle in the hole.

The hole will then be slightly less massive.

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The other particle will be seen as radiation. The radiation will be the same mass as what was lost to the anti-particle. So not only will you see "radiation" but it will seem to evaporate. Since the particle that is outside the whole doesn't know anything about the particle that fell into the hole the universe suddenly has less information. What would happen if you were to fall into a black hole? As you approach the black hole, your watch would run slower than the watch of your colleagues on the spaceship time dilation.

Also your comrades notice that you begin to take on a reddish color. This is due to the warping of space in the vicinity of the hole. Then just before you enter the hole pass through the event horizon. Your friends would see you apparently "frozen" there, just outside the event horizon, and to them, your watch would have stopped if they could observe it. They would never see you enter the hole, because at that distance from the singularity an object must travel at the speed of light to maintain its distance.

Thus your dim red image would stay frozen in their eyes for as long as the hole exists. However from your vantage point, as you enter the black hole, nothing has changed. The most likely outcome is that you are compacted into a miniscule size upon the singularity. M I'm bit confused here. A star has the mass of a black hole just not the density. The more dense the matter the "stronger" the gravity. So gravity is not only a function of mass but a function of the density of the mass as well? I'm confused. Can you elaborate or give me a reference I could use to learn more? If you can compress the earth into a singularity it will remain that way until it evaporates into nothing.

In nature a stellar black hole is the result of an objects own mass causing its density. Try starting small I have made a hobby of black holes for more then a decade. I still don't understand more then the basics. All the 2d hologram stuff means nothing to me. I don't like talking about black holes because they are way past our average understanding of our universe.

Words like fall into, see into, before, after, do note work with black holes. Trying to interpret a mathematical anomaly with words that have no basis in math is a fools errand. I will also say that everyone has thoughts. Since everyone has thoughts it is not rare or unusual. For something that every Tom, Dick and Harry has I am not impressed.

Some people even have grand thoughts. Shakespeare's thought process was above and beyond average. Does that make Shakespeare a good scientist The significance of science isn't about having thoughts, its about being able to reproduce and observe nature. Some of the greatest discovers background radiation, nuclear model of the atom, etc happen not because someone thought them up.

They happened because no matter what the scientist thought, they could not deny the results of there experiments and what they were observing. So yes, you need thoughts to be scientists, and indeed the most brilliant scientists usually have brilliant thoughts. You are correct. But just thoughts alone 'no matter how unusual' do not contribute to science.

You said, "Does not quantum only explain classical or try , anyways? I would think so…Pros and Cons , No? That is ther whole source of the contraversy QM, while giving great predictions at the quantum level, does not give good predictions at the relativity level. Logic would say that all quantum effects added up would yeild general relativity- but it doesn't. Thierfore alot of people say it can't be it's not logical. Others say stop trying to change the universe to fit your idea of "right" and accept the data. I say this is a symptom of our own ignorance and we will eventually marry the two theories.

To say that is to have faith in science. Thats right I said faith, makes you wonder- huh. Atrophy For one to say that a black-hole is escapable is to contradict the word. THAT is the "hole" whole "point"..

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Yeah , this series is good. Its a good watch. I didint get to see them in a row but I dont think Ive missed them. Yes my friend, if any. But I will say this; Everyone cant be right. It takes both to get somewhere. However, stubbornness brings nothing. I say give me facts proven facts. Break bread like Jesux said. Never show your hand , so to speak. We will see where all of these Q? T's take us. Well , I say its not and maybe we are closer to alot more than you think. Maybe you toy with the sticks and stones? Does not quantum only explain classical or try , anyways?

I would think so Pros and Cons , No? Hi, Trisha. No panties?? You should just win by default.

Questionable Content

You disagree with and think ridiculous the notion that,.. As substantiated by HateMachine,.. Scientific advancement is based on repeatable experimentation and observation. You obviously have no idea how science works. Remember the origin point of the scientific method which is the foundation of science begins with inquiry, and one's inquiry can be anything, no matter how bizzare or controversial.

Hate So correct my incorrect assumptions. The way I interpret it, the time dilation effect would create 2 instances of the subject, one that crashes toward the singularity in an instant and one that remains for the observer, and it would seem only for the observer, because we should otherwise be able to look at a black hole and see everything it has pulled into its gravitational void for technically its entire life trapped in this time dilation effect.

I am no physicist nor am I the sharpest at math, nor am I going to be moved to become one by your comments. I'm just wrapping my brain around cause and effect, what I have learned and can observe. Your obviously far more educated or well read into the subject than I am and I should never consider voicing my ideas as a layman for fear of nonconstructive and diminutive rebuttal. Wow, HateMachine you are in serious need of a long and satisfying lube job,.. Reality is not nearly as rigid as you think it to be.

Science is still playing with sticks and stones. Let me guess you are not capable of thinking beyond the latest edition of Scientific America. As for this wonderful forum, I only ever suggest my views, which is a freedom we all have to express, I never impose my views, like you do so commonly within your posts. Think about what you are saying, how you come across to others, and how big your false ego has become, but ultimately how non-productive your responses are to other views which are equally as important, you might see the light, you might help others see the light, and you might become less of a hard boiled egg.

You will see black dont change those rules Atrophy - "hard to accept that a black hole might not entirely stop light as soon as its within its gravitational field. I would consistently belittle my following for believing my nonsense They wouldn't put up with it and follow some messiah of the week that speaks sweetly to them. What, is it so hard to accept that a black hole might not entirely stop light as soon as its within its gravitational field.

Escaping light would take longer and longer to escape the further into the gravitational field. Science has already managed to slow light down so I know that much is possible. As for the time dilation effect. Objects at speed 'slow down' until they eventually appear to stop entirely as they approach the speed of light, I saw the bullet train time machine concept in a previous documentary on here. I don't believe the effect of a person appearing to stop in time on the event horizon of a black hole has anything to do with that.

Sorry John, but did not say I believed Haramein, and did not actually tell you to peruse his site, per my blog. Once again your are completely wrong. Stop try to justify your tedious whims. Science doesn't exist so you can make up some fancy puffery and try to push it on people that only agree with you reciprocally. Science is about defending. Not blinding accepting. So either start backing up your ideas or stop getting your panties tangled every time you try to engage in a scientific discussion with noting but fantasy. Until you determine beyond any doubt that all others are wrong in presenting a different perspective, then stop trying to deny others their thoughts.

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Thoughts no matter how unusual have value in scientific advancement. Thought, learning and change are all connected. We each have the right to our thoughts, and the right not to be censored by those that wish only to promote their philosophy. Argument is critical for expanding the knowledge of science, but you do not argue, from most of the posts which I have read originating from HateMachine, you seem only interested in throwing sand and negatively criticising any view that contradicts your perceived reality. It is fine to not agree, you just need to be less arrogant and more accepting towards other beliefs.

Doing this might allow you to mature as a person. Is this why you call yourself HateMachine? Seems very fitting, but also a very sad shame. BTW structure in chaos exists simply because it can be called chaos, or observed to be within a random chaotic state. The quantum stream is postulated by Hawking and others as the state in which energy exists as it moves into a singularity. Read Stephen Hawking's papers on the mechanics of black holes. I'm guilty as well. I posted earlier that he was amazing, this was before I heard all of his lecture and he turned out to be nuts.

I should have vetted him better before posting about him. Maybe the whole universe is what happens when all the matter in a universe falls into a black hole and gets blown out the other end of a singularity!?! Or maybe the universe is formed when a super-super massive black hole falls into another black hole. When the 2 singularities meet the mass of one singularity gets blown out into a new universe created by the cross section of 2 singularities. If the original singularity had a positive charge then new universe would be populated with normal matter and not anti-matter.

Also we can explain the strange fact that gravity is weaker then the other 3 forces because gravity is still flowing between the singularities while the other forces are cemented in this singularity. The Big Bang was in fact the moment when one singularity pierced another singularity. All the mass in the original singularity is now observed in our new dimension of time and space created by singularity cross sectioning. Im going to write a paper and get some hopeless fools to follow me and make me internet famous.

But it was Achem that told me to look into him, I assumed he at least bought what he had to say. His over all point is that insted of breaking particles down over and over we should try and discover the geometrical shape of the universe, space-time basically. I guess this is the same as the guys that have been trying to find out if the universe is flat or curved, sort of.

He seems to think that the structure of our cells and the structure of other natural systems are smaller pieces of the whole. Like we live in a fractal structure of space-time, fractal meaning the over all shape is repeated inside the structure in smaller and smaller models. The break down would be some thing like the universe looks like the galaxy which looks like the solar system which looks like the atom and so on and so forth.

He thinks that by studing these smaller parts of the whole we could uncover the structure of the universe itself. He has worked this out to be a sort of 3-demensional star of david built from tetrahedrons surrounded by a sphere and in a symetrical pattern that he says would cancel out all forces to zero in the center. Then he really gets wierd and says that the reasons the ancients built pyramids in so many different cultures was because we have some kind of instinct that this tetrahedron like shape was sugnificant.

He also says that some one wrote out "what do we need to know" in a crop and the next day they found a shape very similiar to the one he proposes to be the shape of the universe. Like the aliens could read our writing and understood it but still chose to communicate with geometry, that makes sence. He is obviousely a quack but I have to say this is the most well thought out demensia I have ever seen or heard of.

I say he has some valid points about physics though, crazy or not. And watch who you guys reffer people to, if you think they are so crazy don't send others to hear thier junk. No harm, no foul though- I know crazy when I hear it and the guy was interesting any way. What have found out is that Haramein is drawing connections between UFO's, aliens, the pyramids, ancient civilizations, and even quoting out of the bible.

Ark of the covenant?? Thanks, gave me a good excuse to not look at it until looked at the reviews. Like I said, no patience for a 7 hour lecture. Belief, Belief! Don't waste the ink, or in this case the pixels. Its all well and good postulating sexy math and physics but it has to pass the rigorous dictates of peer review before it's any use.

It's not enough to just speculate without verifiable testing. It's ok to postulate crazy physical ideas just test them before you start singing your 'amazing' findings to the world. Also that Myers-Briggs test was so accurate about me. It gave me two different but closely related types It seems to be a good model of personality types. To be being able to use this information to get your point across to various different people sound like a good idea Do not look at his work.

Look at why his peers have condemned his work. Actually if i remember correctly he has never got a paper past any kind of review to be published. You are going to look at his work and decide if he is accurately describing something you don't understand? How does that work? Oh wait I remember There doesn't have to be facts or logic as long as it falls within your belief structure. If it doesn't fall with your belief structure no amount of facts or logic will convince you of it.

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No, it is one of the most accurate models in science. There is no chaos in quantum mechanics. It is all statistics and probability. Like I said Why change something that has given us transistors, cell phones and micro processors. Does this statement have any meaning?

There is love within purple. Sounds like you randomly picked a few nouns and throw them up onto a sentence. You are a fool. The machine you are using to type your nonsense relies on quantum mechanics to work. Look up the Double-slit experiment What is a quantum world? And what random fabrications do you speak of. Did you read this or are you just making it up as you go? Oh yeah Your mouth diarrhea breaks down my faith in mankind Are you trying to start a religious discussion. Becuase it is very easy to look up the number of calories in a pound of flesh.

Are you try to sell us on some idea that you are this mystical free thinker. Seems all you can do is through up random nonsense. I know this is a free board but try to keep your fairy tells to yourself when the grownups are trying to talk. This isn't even good philosophy. Do you even have a point?

Carnival of Souls : Riddle of the Skull - Jazan Wild - Google книги

WTF is a quantum stream. WTF is "essence of your thoughts", sounds like some kind of bubble bath. You know even philosophy is constrained by logic. I suggest you stop trying to be a Quantum philosopher. You fail at physics. You fail at philosophy. Just because you can make something up doesn't make it "possible".

Go take a class on philosophy. Im sure your local college has a class. You will most likely fail it because it requires work I did not have enough patience to watch all of Haramein, like 7 hours, will try to force myself to watch all, at some time, when I have time, that is. He is a preacher of the postulate. He has no foundation in science. He has no work in peer review. If he does it is not in any rational peer reviewed journal.

He is the worst kind of man because he lies to the lay to make himself seems to be something he is not. He is emotional cripple. Every single thing about him is ugly. These gravity wells that we call black holes, are simply machines for rendering away the higher energy states of physical matter to produce from complexity the simplified origin state of pure quantum field energy. Black holes de-evolve matter. The quantum world to us is a form of mathematical chaos, but only because we fail to recognize quantum level structure. The Higgs boson may shed some light, but ultimately we need to find new math.

There is structure within chaos. The quantum world exists everywhere, and nowhere, it cannot be pinpointed, yet if you were able to find a way to snatch a piece of it you would succeed everytime. Quantum energy is the fundamental foundation of our physical world, yet has no geometric form which we recognise. The quantum world is independant of the random fabrications that originate from it. The reality stimulating us, is merely the mechanics of the quantum world, random interactions of quantum energy.

We have fabricated the 4 dimensional box that represents our minds perception of this frame of reference we call reality. Our 4D existance is maintained outside of the event horizon of these gravity wells, entering these places simply breaks down the structure that defines our perception of reality within the educated frame of reference. Within a black hole the energy of our quanta is not destroyed, all that is destroyed is that which had previously been assembled. Energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted from one form to another.

The simplest law of nature. Can you encase a pound of flesh within a bottle? Can you encase the energy within a pound of flesh within a bottle? Is thought energy or is thought matter? Does thought have mass?

The Riddle of the Skull

Do we encase our thoughts within our skulls? If thought is energy than what is the purpose of the flesh? Without form would we have thought? Beyond the event horizon within the singularity of these gravity wells, where form is striped into a quantum stream, could the essence of your thoughts be maintained? YES, if thought derives from the quantum level, and NO if thought is dependant upon mass. Well I did not check this guy out, but anyone that has hoky poky views on crop circles does not sound like a scientist to me, it has been experimentally proven that humans can easily create them, so why look for any more exotic reasons?

He might just have interesting cool views on science because unlike everyone else he is not limited by the facts when coming up with theories. Have you ever heard of Nassim Haramein?

I have been checking out his lecture on you tube. His theory is in peer review right now but he has some really fundamentally differnet ways of looking at physics. You have to get past some of his ideas about crop circles and other hoky poky kinda stuff but its worth it to see physics from a different but valid point of view. You may already be familiar with him and his ideas but if not and you are so inclined, check it out.

I have questions for someone that has seen his stuff and knows more about classical newtonian physics than I do. At times I think he is crazy but then he turns around and says something or preposes a new theory and you are like , wow. This guy may be the next Einstien or just a wierd dude with some different ideas, I'm not sure. Oh good, since most of this information is 20 to 30 years old we will not have to re-evaluate it with your theory of light trails and slow light. Go refresh your understanding of time dilation. Once you have mastered it come back and laugh at your silly ideas. After seeing the rest of the doc, I find myself a little As an object enters a black hole, the light it reflects is slowed down.

That light takes longer and longer to reach the observer hence the 'freezing in time' effect and will eventually fade to black after maybe hundreds of years as the source of the image fell out of the range of escaping light. This object had to enter the horizon in order to leave this light trail in the first place, since we originated within our universe, we have no image trapped on the 'edge' magically projected there. No profound re-evaluation of the universe required.

Black holes don't break the law of 'conservation of information' the way I see it. Consider it like data encryption and compression. As matter approaches the gravitational horizon of the black hole, its electrons start getting stripped and eventually starts splitting atoms, some blasted away in this process as 'hawking radiation' the garbage data then, as it approaches the center it is recombined into heavier elements recognizable patterns of data Has anyone considered that black holes might have a limit to how much they can consume, eventually dying like a collapsing star in a 'big bang'.

Consider a diesel engine It compresses fuel to the point where it explodes with enough force to push the piston. A black hole by that definition would be wracked by continuous explosions falling back on themselves until one cosmic day it had enough pressure to blast energy and maybe mater out of its gravity well. Apparently, might be the universe is flat, might be infinite, and according to QM. Lots of theories, but better minds than mine, thats for sure, are looking at all possibilities. I really do not have a clue.

Just following everything to see what they come up with. Thank's I'll check it out. He is really out thier man, very cool stuff. He kinda lost me on the crop circle thing but the rest was a trip. I need to know more about geometry to really get what he is saying. I think he is saying that the shape of space time itself is the fractal tetrahedron model he is presenting, right? I get that i think but, that still doesn't explain what is contracting. He says that if the universe is expanding something has to be contracting. That something according to him is the vaccuum, or empty space which is actually full of energy radiated by all the things we see.

So is he saying space-time is physically contracting toward the infinately small? Or is he saying that the contraction is counter acted by the expansion creating equalibrium in the center. If so then I guess the big bang provided the energy for expansion but what provides the energy for contraction, gravity? Wow, I think i just answered my own question. He is saying that the expansion follows the shape of space-time as well as the contraction, and the two cancell each other out. But if that is true why do we see the universe expanding, this suggests an asymetric system where expansion is stronger than gravity, doesn't it?

I ask because i assume it is a personality profile type thing and I am interested in finding out what i am. I don't mean to be rude or make you think I am saying I know more than you but, Hate machine is right that this surpasses a symantechs mistake. That said no one here is a s smart as they think they are, least of all those that want to act like they are big daddy science, like they must police other peoples conversations and comments. Hawkins said that once you fall over the event horizon nothing comes back, so nothing that was inside the black hole ever comes back out.

Some times though a pair of particles that normally search each other out and anihalate one another gets close enough that one goes over the event horizon and the other does not. Some riddle quests will have multiple stages. After getting to the island, you might have to perform some other simple task before seeing the next stage on your parchment. This might include something like shining your lantern on a particular landmark or playing an instrument.

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