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The major difference with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the time frame.

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Although they were approached by several name acts to record covers or — in the case of Lana Del Rey — offer up their own material, Tarantino stuck with his time-capsule idea. He wanted to stay very specific to the period. The Hollywood soundtrack features plenty of classic-rock types the Rolling Stone, Bob Seger, Neil Diamond , but we asked Ramos to dig into some of the deeper-cut moments in the film. This one achieved that perfectly. The usage of the song had a happy ending all its own.

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There were a few other things we tried for that slot, but this one stuck. Mike North, writer, photographer, and amateur boxing official, introduces us to an incredible cast of characters who chose the boxing life—and the arenas where their lifeblood was spent—and invite us to share in their stories, their knowledge, and their passion. He currently works as a ring official with the California State Athletic Commission.

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Mike is the devoted husband to a wonderful woman and lives in Santa Clarita, California. Lurking at the edges of the story are Charles Manson and his followers, living in Chatsworth at the dilapidated Spahn Movie Ranch.

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On the fateful night of Aug. They are sidetracked by an encounter with Rick in the street and eventually three of them make their way into the Dalton house instead.

Cliff brutally fights them off, assisted by his dog, Brandy, and eventually Rick attacks one of them with a flamethrower, a prop from an old movie. Sharon is not murdered at home as she was in real life, but rather invites Rick inside for a drink after the mayhem.

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To make sense of the ways that fact and fiction collide in the story and what it might mean, I sat down with my colleagues Kenneth Turan, Julia Turner, Jen Yamato and Justin Chang to work it all out. There it felt cathartic, thrilling and a little subversive.

Here, is there something different about the idea of saving Sharon versus the idea of killing Hitler? And in this case I think he wanted a sweeter ending.

So I was not offended. I was not troubled. To me, messing with the life and death of Hitler is a bigger deal than messing with the life and death of Sharon Tate. Julia Turner What does it mean?


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Why would Tarantino go back in time to save Sharon Tate , what is he saying with that? The difference in stakes that you flag, Kenny, between messing with Hitler and just saving the life of this one beautiful actress — who knows what her career might have amounted to or not amounted to — whose death happened to be particularly resonant at this particular moment in L. What is that about? Turan You can see it in the way she is portrayed in the film. This is a fairy tale.